Cost & Financial Benefits
How much does a solar electric system cost? The cost of your solar investment will vary depending on the size of the system, your location, and current incentives. To find out how much your specific system would cost, contact us here for a free quote!

Can my electric bill really be $0?
Some solar electric systems produce more electricity than is used in each month, bringing your net cost to $0. However, your utility provider will still normally charge you a minimal connection fee (typically between $8 and $20 per month) to remain connected to the electrical grid.

What incentives are available to me?
G3 Solar customers are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. Additional state and local utility incentives exist in many areas, furthering lowering the cost of your investment! Check here for your state.

Do I make money off of my extra energy production?
Currently, most of the U.S. is under a system known as Net Metering which allows your net electricity costs to be reduced to zero but no further. Many utilities will allow extra production in one month to roll-over to the next month(s). In a select few places, you can be paid for any extra electricity you create, this is called a Feed-in Tariff system.

I don’t plan on being in my home for 25 years so why should I add solar?
People move more frequently now than ever before, but that shouldn’t impact your solar decision. A solar electric system can save you money today and even pay for itself in as little as five to seven years. Even if you move before your solar investment is completely paid off, studies show the cost will likely be returned in added value to your home. Plus, your home will most likely sell faster. Who doesn’t want a home with a guaranteed low electric bill? Our solar panel warranty is even transferable to the new owner.

How many solar panels do I need to offset my electricity?
That depends on how much electricity you consume (which is why we ask for a utility bill!), what percentage of the electricity is offset, and the available “solar resource” at your site. An awesome resource for determining system size, annual production, a rough estimate of system cost and savings for your given location is the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) PV Watts calculator. Go to this website and adjust the values based on the specifics of your site to find out how many solar panels are required to reach your desired annual production.

I’m interested in installing solar on my home, what should I do?
Great! You will enjoy amazing benefits from going solar. Let’s talk! Call us toll-free at 844-368-3009 or contact us for a free quote!

Can I install solar panels myself?
G3 Solar has helped a few customers with their own DIY solar projects. These individuals have been engineers, the typical consumer may be a little overwhelmed.  You can learn a lot from Youtube. It is not recommended. This process requires both licensed electrical and roofing skills to ensure the system is safe and durable for 25+ years. Which is why we need permits! You have to be licensed and obtain permits since you are adding to the structure!

Will my HOA or neighbors prevent me from installing solar panels?
In most cases, no. Many States have solar laws that protect you against restrictions that can be imposed on you. Contact our office for further information.