We know that batteries have been the next stop in the evolution of solar energy and while we have been diligently searching the battery market we were not able to find a battery that we would be happy to pair with a G3 Solar System... until now.

LG Chem

The LG chem battery is a battery built specifically with renewable energy in mind and has built it to optimize your solar system. This battery is built to store the energy at your home that you would normally send back to the grid. This gives you the piece of mind knowing you dont have to worry about your utilities by back rate.


Batteries also give your system the capibility of running when the power goes out. Normally solar systems power down when the grid does to keep line workers safe. Having a battery gives your extra power somewhere to go giving you the ability to use your power when the grid is down without endangering anyone.

Our Experts are ready to go over the options of backup power with you. Let us know you're interested and one of our experts will reach out to you.